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Testimonials: Testimonials

What Our Guests Say...

The loving and accepting leaders brought together a similar group of amazing people where I felt empowered to have impactful emotional releases and shifts.

-Lauri Keene

This retreat was just what I was hoping for, plus more!! I believe I had a memorable breakthrough and was able to pinpoint certain thought processes and change habits that were holding me back from my higher self... It was a good chance to experience a sense of community like I've never experienced before. Everyone was true to themselves and others and it was beautiful. I am pumped for this new year and couldn't have started it ANY better way. Excited to start a new journey to my true self!

-Hannah Marie

I feel I was able to grow more than I ever thought possible from this Phenomenal Experience!! What a way to begin 2022!! I’m so happy to have met and connected with all of you at the Retreat!

-Craig Matheny

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