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Lexi Hinz-Karamanov

Retreat Leader

A few years ago, Lexi found herself in the real estate industry helping others seek new homes. Although she was helping others during a life-changing chapter, she felt unfulfilled and lost. It was during a home showing when she realized that she was put on this earth to help others find the homes within themselves instead of the homes outside. Lexi believes that when you find that home within, your soul radiates unwavering trust for all of life and immense amounts of joy! This is your birthright and something she is passionate about helping you come back home to. Lexi is here to empower you in living a life that’s full of meaning, joy, fun, and fulfillment. She loves showing others how beautiful life can be and how simple it is to totally alter their current reality using NLP techniques, hypnosis, spiritual principles, and her background in psychology.

Vasco Karamanov

Retreat Leader

As a former personal trainer, Vassil recognized the clients who had the most transformational results were the ones who applied his mindset principles. This finding inspired him to dive even deeper into the power of the mind while healing his chronic back pain and depression. Now a Transformational Life Coach, Vassil uses his expertise of the subconscious mind to guide people to step into their power, eliminate harmful habits, fears and negative emotions so they can experience massive breakthroughs! Vassil’s mission is to raise the average human consciousness and he has a unique ability to deeply connect with people, guiding them to take action and create the changes they desire.

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Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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