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Aug 4-7, 2022 Retreat SQUARE (Facebook Event Cover).png

If you're a heart-centered individual who is feeling burned out and looking for a conscious way to start the new year then join us for a transformational experience that will leave you feeling aligned and energized for 2023​!

Imagine yourself strolling through a magical forest leading you to a one-of-a-kind, walk-in Cedar pyramid located on the same latitude line as the Great Pyramids of Giza.

The rhythmic sounds of wind chimes and a bubbling pond invite you to be present as you approach the wooden masterpiece.

As you take your first step into the pyramid, you immediately tap into the peace and harmony of this energetic vortex within the heart of Texas Hill Country.

Feeling the sun's light shining down through the top of the glass-topped pyramid, you are showered in healing energy.

Ah…you can just feel the energy of this land and pyramid allowing you to surrender. Let me tell you more about why you should spend New Years' Eve weekend in the Texas Hill Country...

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Now I know you’ve had a hell of a year and crave time to get away, while you contemplate what is your next chapter in life... 

…so imagine ending the year by spending four extraordinary days and three nights exiled from your everyday life while surrounded by nature.


Taking in the exclusive company of like-minded individuals who also enjoy working on themselves ꟷ sharing their collective wisdom and helping you work through any hiccups as you strive to fulfill your greatest potential.

This New Year's Retreat is a wonderful playground for you to feel revived and vibrant once again. Just think how initiating 2023 with incredible energy will feel!

And we all know we could use more energy and inspiration in our day-to-day lives.

That’s why NOW is the time to unplug and reconnect with yourself!

And a transformational wellness retreat is the #1 way to intentionally slow down and feel full of life again.

So tell me, is this you?

  • You crave more rest and time to recharge while you nurture yourself.

  • You desire authentic relationships with similar souls also on a personal development journey.

  • You love deep conversations with others who truly see you for you.

  • You feel called to eliminate habits hindering you from the next best version of you.

  • You desire inner peace and to replace negative thoughts and emotions with more productive ones.

  • You know beyond a shadow of a doubt you're meant for so much more in life than you have been allowing in.

  • You’re ready for change but feel somewhat overwhelmed with the process.


If you answered YES to five of these or more, then this retreat was created from our hearts and souls, especially with YOU in mind…

…that’s exactly why you’re going to LOVE stepping into a conscious new year with us all!

It’s 4 days of nutritious food, authentic connections, as well as spiritual and mental practices to bring you back home to yourself – something we ALL desperately need after the holidays,

This carefully designed experience was designed to give you inner peace, clarity, direction and motivation leading into 2023. 

There’s something about the energy of this land and pyramid that will inspire you and ignite your passion for life on a whole other level.

Not only will you build more confidence and drive but you will release whatever has been standing in your way of the life you desire most!

glamp 1 a.jpeg

What YOU Are Going to Walk Away With...

So what can you expect if you spend your new years eve weekend with us?

→ Well, what if you received the inspiration you have been searching for?

→ What if you finally released the old ways of being that have been preventing your ultimate level of success?

→ And what if you met at least one new soul-aligned connection that changed your entire life?

→ And what if you could get insights into the questions you have been pondering for a while?

→ And on top of ALL THAT, what would coming back to your life feeling totally refreshed and revitalized do for your career, life and relationships?

Would THAT be worth coming to this retreat for?

We like to believe YES!

Guess what else... AFTER the retreat ends, you will have a new soul family! There will also be a connection zoom call to keep you connected and accountable as you integrate back into your life back at home.

Take advantage of this special opportunity to reconnect with yourself while immersing yourself in this true natural gem within Texas. You don't even have to leave America to experience the power of a pyramid.

And the best part, as the clock strikes 12am on January 1st, 2023, you will be ecstatic from all the dancing you did to high-vibrational music to amp you up.


Are you ready to call in 2023 consciously and with intention?


The Venue…


We’ll be spending four days on a 30-acre nature preserve featuring a collection of cozy cabins and glamps in the heart of Texas Hill Country.

Surrounded by canyons, meadows, lakes, and hills, you'll feel a sense of being tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What a perfect place for you to close out the year while starting a fresh beginning!

Since the retreat center is situated between San Marcos, Wimberley, and Canyon Lake, it gives you a wonderful opportunity to explore other gems before or after the retreat. 


If you are flying in, you can even take extra time to check out Austin or San Antonio as well which are less than an hour away by car.

You’ll feel like you’ve found a top-secret oasis...


The Cuisine…

Our retreats focus on rejuvenating your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical body. Your body needs time to rest and rejuvenate too which is why we have selected an organic, vegan, and gluten-free focused menu.


A short-term vegan detox is an incredible way to cleanse, as meat and dairy are naturally slower for the body to process. You will appreciate how light and clear you feel as you engage in the transformational retreat activities. 


Even if you don't identify as vegan or gluten-free, we encourage you to give it a shot for a few days to allow your digestive system a break after the over-indulging holiday season. 


You will appreciate the increased energy levels plus heightened focus you can receive from the raw, cold-pressed juices.  The assortment of teas and matcha bar each morning will be awaiting your presence as well. 


Releasing alcohol consumption this New Year's eve weekend gives your body and mind a reset while providing it with essential nutrients leading to overall well-being!

*If you have any allergies, we are able to let the chef know 5 days before the retreat starts so we can accommodate you to the best of our abilities.

What’s Included:
  • LODGING (depends on your registration level):

    • Shared Cabins & Dorms (bunks or single beds)

    • Private Glamps & Suites 

  • MEALS:  

    • Three light breakfasts,

    • Three nourishing lunches,

    • Three mouth-watering dinners,

    • Daily fresh juices, teas, and matcha

(All meals are Vegan & Gluten-Free; if you have allergies, we can talk with the chef)

  • PRE-RETREAT CALL/ZOOM: One (1) private 15-30-minute call with Retreat Host.

  • POST-RETREAT GROUP COACHING CALL/ZOOM: 60-minute call with Lexi & Vasco and Retreat Participants after the retreat has ended. 


    • Yin/restorative yoga sessions (beginner-friendly)

    • Sound healing experiences

    • Breathwork sessions

    • Guided hypnosis sessions

    • Cacao ceremony

    • Guided meditation

    • Intention/Goal Setting Workshop

    • Mindset Workshop

    • Authentic Relating Games

    • Ecstatic Dance New Years' Eve Celebration

What’s NOT Included:
  • Any airfare purchased 

  • Transportation to and from the Retreat Center (there will be a chance to communicate with others to coordinate a ride-share on your own but this is not guaranteed)

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Location & Flights:

The physical address will be provided once you confirm registration, however, the city for planning purposes is San Marcos, Texas. This retreat center is situated between San Marcos, Wimberley, and Canyon Lake. This stunning location is surrounded by canyons, meadows, lakes, and hills. 

If you are flying in for the Retreat, you can choose San Antonio Airport (SAT) or Austin Airport (AUS)- as they both are similar distances from the retreat location.

**We reserve the right to make shifts in the schedule for your benefit**

Thursday: Explore & Connect

  • Arrival & Check-in ( 2-4 pm)​​

  • Opening Ceremony at Pyramid

  • Dinner

  • Connection Circle at Fire Pit

  • Sleep

Friday: Reflect & Release

  • Light Breakfast

  • Restorative or Yin Yoga

  • Energizing Breathwork

  • Guided Meditation

  • Lunch

  • Break for Reflection

  • Authentic Relating Games

  • Mindset workshop

  • Break for Reflection

  • Dinner

  • Guided hypnosis

  • Fire Burning Ceremony

  • Sleep

Saturday: Empowerment

  • Light Breakfast

  • Breathwork

  • Restorative or Yin Yoga

  • Sound Healing

  • Guided hypnosis

  • Lunch

  • Intention/Goal Setting Workshop

  • Break for Reflection

  • Dinner

  • Cacao ceremony

  • Conscious New Years Celebration

  • Sleep

Sunday: Gratitude

  • Breakfast

  • Empowerment Circle

  • Surprise

  • Brunch (main cabin)

  • Goodbyes (2 pm checkout)

Your Hosts

Lexi Hinz

Spiritual Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Retreat Host


A few years ago, Lexi found herself in the real estate industry helping others seek new homes. Although she was helping others during a life-changing chapter, she felt unfulfilled and lost. It was during a home showing when she realized that she was put on this earth to help others find the homes within themselves instead of the homes outside. Lexi believes that when you find that home within, your soul radiates unwavering trust for all of life and immense amounts of joy! This is your birthright and something she is passionate about helping you come back home to. Lexi is here to empower you in living a life that’s full of purpose and true fulfillment. She loves showing others how beautiful life can be and how simple it is to totally alter their current reality using NLP techniques, hypnosis, spiritual principles, her background in psychology and so much more!


Vassil Karamanov

Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, and Retreat Host


As a former personal trainer, Vassil recognized the clients who had the most transformational results were the ones who applied his mindset principles. This finding inspired him to dive even deeper into the power of the mind while healing his chronic back pain and depression. Now a Transformational Life Coach, Vassil uses his expertise of the subconscious mind to guide people to step into their power, eliminate harmful habits, fears, and negative emotions so they can experience massive breakthroughs! Vassil’s mission is to raise the average human consciousness and he has a unique ability to deeply connect with people, guiding them to take action and create the changes they desire.

Shane Kupka.jpg

"I thought this was going to be just a mediation/yoga retreat and once I got here, MIND BLOWN! I've never felt this kind of love and community from people that I just met. The workshops got better and better! I came here very nervous speaking in front of people. I'm more of an introvert and like to sit back, observe and not participate. The energy and the leadership from Vasco and Lexi was so amazing that I found myself wanting to participate, surrender and get as much out of the experience as possible. Participating in this retreat was a GAME-CHANGING experience.

Shane K.


What former retreat participants say...

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